About Bhairavi Business & Consultancy

Sangeeta Mansur, PhD ( in Responsible Business from Indian Institute of Science), Founder-catalyst of Bhairavi Business &Consultancy, is an experienced catalyst (researcher, writer, trainer and advisor) in the domain of Sustainable Business/Leadership.

After her work experience across India and the Middle East with research Companies such as The Nielson, Synovate and TNS, and a writing tenure as the Sustainability Editor of the magazine ManagementNext for several years, Sangeeta has been empowering organizations with CSR and Sustainability orientation, research, capacity building in reporting and sustainability communication. She combines the power of research and frameworks with the innate purpose of the organization ('essence') to unleash its higher potential.

A virtual team of fellow catalysts supports the venture, bringing in diverse strengths in research and communication.

Bhairavi Business & Consultancy is partnered by a few strategic associations which help co-creating higher value through complementary offerings.

Who we work with

We love to work with clients deeply committed to transformation towards inclusive leadership & success, and we find delight in working with organizations and individuals with a long-term and inclusive view. Women mangers/leaders/entrepreneurs keen on sustainability leadership growth are a special interest group for us.

We see our role as catalysts which trigger, provoke and facilitate transformation. We empower. Our clients take the responsibility to drive it ahead.

Our uniqueness

Our uniqueness lies in our ability to combine diverse strengths such as research, framework- thinking , essence-based integration of frameworks and synergized communication in a way that derives an integrated value out of the engagement.

Our core focus is on integration: Our model and instruments strive for integration between the individual & the organization; Indian & Western models; Inside and outside perspectives; eye on today & tomorrow; life & work; self & the community.

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